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I am an editorial and commercial photographer based in Prague, Dubai and Lagos, specializing in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of unique and artistic imagery. I run a client-friendly, service-oriented business. I believe that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with my clients. I divide my time between London, Dubai and Prague and I will be excited to travel anywhere to create outstanding visuals for you.

As a photographer, my ultimate purpose is to capture humanity’s most    precious moments – those fleeting occasions when our fragile, flawed souls are transformed by love, sorrow, compassion, joy, forgiveness and honesty.  In search of these revelations, I have travelled to the richest cities and poorest ghettos around the world, documenting the height and depth of human behavior.

My work reveals the wonder of an innocent youth, the compassion of a loving mother, and the tragedy of a child burdened by poverty. Sometimes beauty and tragedy collide; at other times, the two dynamics become almost indistinguishable from one another…, wouldn’t you agree?

Photography experience

    Internship with Los Angeles based celebrity and fashion photographer – James Hickey
    Vogue Italia – photos published on Vogue Italia
    National Geographic – One of the best dozen photos of the day

    Travel photography Exhibitions – Faces of the World

    Urban Café – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    French Embassy – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Regional Museum of K. A. Polanka – Zatec, Czech Republic
    Cultural House – Teplice, Czech Republic
    OC Central – Most, Czech Republic
    Café Prah – Brno, Czech Republic

    Hendrikje Museum – Tirza Verrips – Handbag Design Collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Magazine Articles

    Tirza Verrips – Design Full of Paradox – Perfect Woman, Czech Republic
    Helena Bedrnova – Fashion Designer – Sofia, Czech Republic
    Helena Bedrnova – Gold Time, Awakening Campaigns – Perfect Woman, Czech Republic
    Veronika Kasakova – model and writer, Blesk, Czech Republic
    Veronika Kasakova – Puls magazine, Czech Republic
    Living through the Lens – Abu Dhabi Newsweek, United Arab Emirates
    Mohammed Khoja – Hindamme – The new vision of Chic – Candid Magazine, UAE
    Mint Market – promotion Fashion collection for Helena Bedrnova – Elle, Czech Republic

    Non governmental organizations Projects

    Global Vision International – Cochin, India
    Global Vision International – Under 18 project, Thailand
    Veronika Kasakova Foundation – Charity Organisation – Calendar to support Childrens’ homes, Czech Republic
    Veronika Kasakova – Restart project and Make-overs in Childrens’ homes, Czech Republic


    ABS JETS – Company Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    AEROSPACE – Company Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    Abigail Hair Salon – Portraits, Prague, Czech Republic
    Salon Perfect Look – Portraits, Prague, Czech Republic
    Respect Fashion – Company Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    Petra Clinic – Company Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    KALDI AFRICA – Coffee Product Photography, Lagos, Nigeria
    The Fat Butcher – Meat Product Photography, Lagos, Nigeria
    Arise News – Portraits of TV presenters, Lagos, Nigeria
    SCOA Plc – Company promotional images, Lagos, Nigeria
    BudX – Budweiser Event, Lagos, Nigeria
    The Fat Butcher – Company Promotional images, Lagos, Nigeria
    Domino’s Pizza – Branding Campaign, Lagos, Nigeria
    Monalisa Chinda – Actress and TV presenter, Lagos, Nigeria
    Ebunoluwa Onabanjo – 100th Birthday Celebration, Lagos, Nigeria
    ANAP JETS – Brochure – Lagos, Nigeria
    Tomi Thomas – DJ, Lagos, Nigeria
    Ehi Trimmel – Model, Lagos, Nigeria
    Lynsey Elston – BITE., Personal Branding and Product, Lagos, Nigeria
    Shades by Renee – Stockings for Colored Women Campaign, London, UK
    Charlotta E. Barman – Campaign for Helena Bedrnova Design, London, UK
    Selamawit Yirga – Campaign for Helena Bedrnova Design, Lake Magadi, Kenya
    Jan Censky – Actor, Campaign for Respect Fashion, Prague, Czech Republic
    Lenka Bernardes – Personal Image Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    Helena Bedrnova – Fashion Designer, Personal Image Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    Milada Vedrova – Real Estate Agent, Personal Image Branding, Prague, Czech Republic
    Dolce Puppy – Campaigns of accessories for dogs – Prague, Czech Republic
    Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grandprix – Pit lane behind the scenes shots
    Ali Jamal Issa – Musician, New York, USA
    Jerome – Musician, Paris, France
    Rey Mauricious – Entrepreneur and boxer, Paris, France
    Edouard and Olivier Appelghem – Models, Paris, France
    Muneera Kaabi – Portrait of the Pilot in the desert, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Andrea Mitiskova – model, Campaign for Helena Bedrnova Design, Dubai, UAE
    Sonia Sovljakov – Miss Serbia, Campaign for Helena Bedrnova Design, Dubai, UAE
    Veronika Kasakova – Model and Founder of Veronika Kasakova Foundation, Campaigns for HB, Prague, Czech Republic
    Jana Festova Militka – Top model of the World and Miss Bikini International, Perfect Woman Magazine Editorials, Prague, Czech Republic
    Alex Haddad – F15 pilot, Okinawa, Japan
    Barbora Hacecka – Czech Supermiss, Campaigns for Helena Bedrnova Design, Prague, Czech Republic
    Katerina Sevidova – Singer, Make-over project and CD covers, Prague, Czech Republic
    Kseniia Yurchenko – Singer, Beijing, China
    Davi Design – Fashion Designer, Campaign, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Lawrence O. Alfolabi Jones – Entrepreneur, Beijing, China
    Michael Goj – Pianist, CD covers, Stockholm, Sweden
    Hijabi Couture – Campaign, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Todd Nims – Film Producer, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Jassim Alsaady – Film Director, Portraits and Advertisements filming photo shoots, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Silvio Saadé – Film Producer, Portraits and Advertisements filming photo shoots, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Duncan Aviation USA – Phenom 100 Advertisement photos, Bucharest, Romania
    Aviation Link Co. – Campaign – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Cybex – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Jiffpom – Celebrity Dog – Los Angeles, USA

    Destination Artistic Photography Weddings

    Mahe – Seychelles
    Closter Bronnbach – Germany
    Cerveny Hradek – Czech Republic
    Valdstejn Gardens – Czech Republic


   Vogue Art+Commerce

   National Geographic




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